Inventing my Grandfather

My grandfather was an avid traveler and loved to experiment.  I never knew him but there were plenty of stories passed around by relatives to give me a rich tapestry to draw from.  He worked in a high up position at the Ford Motor Company and was responsible for bringing the company west.  As a result of his work and friendship with Edsel Ford he was able to do work and some exploration and I have just recently found a very large box full of plate negatives from his Zeiss Plate camera.  I am just scratching the surface with digital scanning and printing his work so what you see here is just the beginning....  it's like reading a book that unfolds into a page turner you don't want to put down.  This dedication to my Grandfather.....the man that apparently gave me the visual artist bug and pointed me down my path is ongoing and I will add more images to this collection as they reveal themselves to me.  The final goal of this project is to create a book. This is amazing.

Claiborne Scott Williams Sr
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