[Parking Lots]

This project is an exercise in cultural observation.  I have chosen parking lots as my subject.....a random meeting place where people gather and move about as a means to an end.  I chose parking lots that I would encounter during my dealings as a photographer and graphic designer and my task was to pick up three objects from each location as representations of the people that visited there, what they consumed, what they bought and what they left behind. This is a work in progress and I will add new sets as  they become available.
Boulevard Music - Culver City, CA  [ under renovation ]
Lamplighter Restaurant - Nan Nuys, CA
Shine & Bright Car Wash - Culver City, CA
Loews - Hawthorne, CA
Las Vegas Boulevard South - Las Vegas, NV
Malibu Lagoon Parking Lot - Malibu, CA
Beverly Hills Public Parking - Beverly Hills, CA
Carl's Junior - Culver City, CA
Home Depot - Marina Del Rey, CA
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