Architecture of Las Vegas has taken several interesting turns over the years. Beginning with the 1990s, a large number of high-rise buildings have begun appearing throughout the city, dramatically changing the city's skyline. Prior to this large-scale themed casinos/resorts were a major attraction of the city, and master-planned housing development projects caused major sprawl throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Las Vegas has been expanding since 2005, when Steve Wynn started the latest and largest building-boom Vegas has ever seen. High-rise, condo, hotel, mixed-use, adaptive-reuse and other projects in the Las Vegas area are in various stages of planning, development and construction. The Las Vegas Strip is bloated with new projects, boasting the latest in new urban architecture, design and technology.LEED certified "green" buildings are making an entrance and many world-famous architects (starchitects) are stepping up to the plate. Even through this economic slowdown, the downtown area is becoming a sustainable, modern, urban city. Transportation projects, public facilities, high-rise condo and loft residences are being built among new markets, galleries, theaters, museums, shops, clubs and bistros. Yes, downtown Las Vegas is becoming hip and livable.

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