January 25th & February 1st  2014
This workshop, through UCLA Extension and organized / coordinated by John Clark of the design firm LOOKING involved ten individuals, exploring creative careers and artistic possibilities over two days. The assignment was to create a poster for UCLA Extension using the subject of hand made type. The creations ran the gamut from ice to bent copper wire to wonderful uses of paper. I worked with each artist to make sure that my photographic interpretation of their construction was the strongest possible, working very loose and in the spirit of "hand made".

Scott Hutchinson   |  Program Director  -  Design Communication Art

Gretchen Matsumoto  |  UCLA Extension Visual Arts  

Sasha Rappaport
Adam Weidenbaum
Bonnie Poon
Clara Cajaiba
David Pettijohn
Paul Mendoza
Heather Malone
Julia Phillips
Paola Otsuka Itikawa
Grace Hutchinson
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