unexplained phenomena project

unexplained phenomena project is a collaboration between artists Victor Raphael and David Jordan Williams. The series includes images from around the world and explores extraordinary, mysterious encounters with the unknown. unexplained phenomena project hopes to elicit in the viewer the idea that we should not rule out the unexplained or the exceptional when considering what is real and what we know. The project includes archival ink jet prints, digital movies, a poster, note cards and a book available in hard cover and as an enhanced ebook through iTunes.

                                                           video montage: Victor Raphael
                                                         music: David Jordan Williams
Hollywood Bungalow UFO
Painted Desert UFO
Chicago Aurora
Hubbard Glacier UFO
Blue Masque UFO
Santorini Spiral
Central Park UFO
Fred's Baja UFO
Eiffel Tower UFO
Ephesis UFO
Battersea Power Station
Flock of Gibraltar
Goldstone UFO
Bruton  Bubble
Stonehenge Storm

Meteor Motel
Bay Bridge Sighting
Griffith Observatory UFO
Cockpit UFO
Bosphorus Vapor Trail
Pico del Teide Cloud
Andromeda at the Getty Villa
Zabriski Point Flashback
Los Angeles Tornado
Lavender Mist at Pollock's Grave
Iris at Paramount Gate
100 Lanterns, Chinatown, L.A.
 Yosemite Portal
L.A. City Hall Glow
Bats at Union Station
Milky Way and Vine
 La Brea Tar Pits Sky
Hollyhock's Mayan Dream
Crossroads of the Worlds
Drones at the Dome
Floating Rock at LACMA
Beverly Hills Sparkle
Rodeo Drive UFO
Washington Monument Sighting
Venice Beach Sightin
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